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  • Directional drilling services/ motors, retrievable and non-retrievable MWD systems, Gravity MWD, Gyro MWD, at-bit inclination & gamma ray, 2-D rotary steerable, Pathmaker 3-D rotary steerable, compensated wave resistivity, array wave resistivity, density neutron standoff calliper, real-time sonic, slow shear sonic, dynamic pressure module, drilling formation tester, payzone steering, real-time communications, real-time pore pressure analysis, advanced resistivity analysis, high pressure/ high temperature tool suite.
  • Well-servicing (reaming/ milling/ fishing, cleaning/ repairing/ rental tolls, plugging/ abandon/ drilling jars, sidetracking/ casing exits), manufacturing (drilling tools, threads and connections, fishing tools, down-hole tools, whipstocks systems), repairing (drilling tools/ drill-pipes, threads & connections, fishing tools, down-hole tools) of oil- tools
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, EPCM/ EPC, Operation & Maintenance, Project Management, Consultancy, Research & Development, Special Services
  • Conventional core analysis, special core analysis, production chemistry, PVT, exploration services, reservoir characterisation services, field & reservoir development services, core storage, core layout facilities, subsurface professionals manpower supply
  • Specialized Oilfield Services, which comprises of logging, testing, slick line, and perforation, gyro services, pipe recovery, coring services and energy
  • Consultancy for safety, quality, reliability and environmental management
  • rental and supply of our principals’ products for onshore and offshore:
  • Oil country tubular good (OCTG) such as casing, tubing drill pipes & equipment for drilling, seamless steel tubes, spiral & longitudal welded pipes, tubes with 3-layers coating, rock bits, screen & sloted casing for deep wells, pumps, steel sheets & profiles, valves & fitting & watermeters
  • Anti-pollution ships, service boats, harbour and open sea tug boats, off-shore service boats, cargo ships, coasters, scientific research vessels, surveillance vessels and launches, passenger vessels
  • Replacement parts for steam turbines (valve parts, stationary seals, rotating steampath components, stationary steampath components, shells, exhaust hoods & inner casings, bearings, old deflectors, front standard parts, controls, auxiliaries), replacement parts for generators (bearings, stationary seals, generator field, generator stator, generator auxiliaries), replacement for gas turbines (compressor components, combustion, stationary components – main turbines, gear box pars, couplings, fuel systems, electrical/ instrumentation)
  • Separators, treaters, water knockouts, heaters, gas production units, dehydration units, combination HSU/ DEHY units, emission control technology, gas treating equipment, water treating equipment, offshore production equipment, storage
  • Flares, petrochemical process burners, oil heating and pumping stations, special burners, industrial applications burners, burner complimentary equipment, incinerators
  • IBS non-mag stabilizers, IBS steel stabilizers, non-mag drill collars, short non-mag drill collars, steel drill collars, short steel drill collars, hole openers, roller reamers, welded blade stabilizers, X-over, ubho, bent, float subs, non-mag X-over subs, non-mag mandrels, stabilizers sleeves, drop ball circulating subs, steel hevi-wate drill pipe, non-mag hevi-wate drill pipe, specialist crossover, water bushings, swages, casing scrapers
  • Regulators, silencers, slam shut valves, relief valves, isolating valves, heat exchangers, cartridge filters, odorizing systems, mechanical recorders, electronics, underground modules
  • Coil connectors, short motorhead assemblies, quick connectors, hydraulic/ mechanical disconnects, hydraulic disconnect retrieving tools, circulating subs pump down drop ball type, rupture disc subs, ported subs, crossovers & jetting nozzles, knuckle joints (full rotation) pump thru, knuckle joints pump thru torque thru, weight stem & deployment bars, swivel joints, spiral washtool, vibrablaster head, stabilizers/ centralizers, jars, accelerators & absorbers, bumper subs, impact tools, tubing end/ nipple locators, baskets- junk & boot, lead impressions blocks & magnets, overshots, spears, pulling & running tools, slick catch overshoots and spears, hydraulic anchor, hydraulic indexing tools, back pressure, Kelly Cock & Sequence Tool Valves, motors, mills & shoes, underreamers & cutters, friction reduction tools,
  • Hot finished pipes & tubes, cold pilgered/ cold drawn tubes, seamless steel casing, seamless steel tubing, seamless steel line pipe
  • Air cooled heat exchangers and other extended surface heat transfer equipment such as aluminium finned tubes and hot dipped galvanized steel fintube bundles
  • Thermoelectric Generators
  • Land rigs, rig accessories, pipe handling, mud pump, offshore Jack-Up
  • PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) products such as lined pipes, columns and vessels, fittings, strainer, bellows up to DN 1.500 (60”), bended pipes, flurosic SiC heat exchanger, generator and industrial hoses, ametek Teflon heat exchanger, sheet linings of vessels & columns, internals for columns & vessels, inlet pipes
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns, reactors, autoclaves and agitators
  • Supply ball valves in cast material or forged/ rolled material Ranging  from ” to 48”. Pressure class up to # 2,500.